It’s Bike Season in Summit County, Colorado!

If you’re planning to view properties for sale in Summit County, Colorado this summer, why not bring your bike with you and enjoy some of the many bike trails Summit County has to offer. As the trails dry out, it’s time to brush up on some of the amazing places you can ride your bike in Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne, Keystone, and Copper Mountain.

In Breckenridge, CO.

Find all of the local trails and paved paths to explore in the Summit Bike Guide – including all ability levels reaching every corner of Summit County. This year-round guide also includes information for those who will continue biking into the winter for “fat-tire” season!

The Summit Daily, our local newspaper publication has compiled information for their biking website that includes the latest biking articles (with videos), biking events in each town, information on bike parks and passes, and advice on purchasing a new bike.

Dial in your biking etiquette with the following tips:

  1. Don’t use wet trails – wait until the trails are dry to start biking so the trails are preserved for the whole season
  2. When approaching bikers, descenders should always yield (STOP) to climbers
  3. Move off of trails to give enough room to climbers
  4. Use caution around sharp corners and blind spots
  5. If you listen to music while out on the trail, be conscience of others with your volume level – a lot of folks get out into the woods to enjoy the quiet of the outdoors. Also be aware if your headphones are too loud you won’t hear someone that might be coming up fast behind you
  6. Share the Trail!

Have you thought about being able to hop on your bike right out of the door of your own property? There are a myriad of properties for sale in Summit County, Colorado with access to the hundreds of miles of trails at your fingertips. Contact Krystal Knott with Christie’s International Real Estate at or 970.333.0116 for details on the right option for you.

Biking In Keystone, CO.

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