7 Things You Absolutely Need to Do Before You Sell Your Home

So you’ve decided to sell your home, congratulations! We’ve compiled a list of crucial things to do that many sellers forget.

  1. Declutter – The more stuff you can get rid of, the better. Stacks of magazines, rarely used kitchen appliances, dusty exercise machines, etc. will open up your home and make it feel bigger, and cleaner. Plus – a little spring clean up never hurt. If you can’t bear to break up with your old waffle iron – utilize your basement or attic, or rent a storage unit and stick it there.

  2. Wash Your Windows – Everyone loves the sunshine. Make sure your windows are showing their best with a full interior and exterior cleaning. It’ll make them appear newer and higher quality too. Don’t miss the screens – remove and hose them down outside or in the tub to remove all those bugs and dust bunnies.
  3. Hide Family Photos – Potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home, so hide that cute photo of you and your grandmother to give a more neutral feeling. The less personal the space, the easier it is for them to let their creativity flow.

    family photo
  4. Bake Cookies – Or buy fresh flowers. Give yourself a few hours to whip up a freshly baked goodie, burn some candles in advance, snip some fresh flowers, etc. to fill your home with an attractive (and not overwhelming) scent. Remember what an important sense smell can be.

    flowers 3
  5. Hide Anything Pet-Related – Pets make a lot of homes special to their owners, but you can’t predict what types of buyers will walk through your home. While some buyers won’t mind, others might assume that floors or carpets have been damaged or are not clean. Items such as pet food, bowls, toys and litter are all important to tuck away.
  6. Research Your Roof, Water Heater & Heating System – Buyers will be interested to know the status of these items in your home. Repairs could possibly be needed and it would be good to have the ball rolling on getting any answers you need. Arm your broker with information about the most recent installation and service dates and highlight any replacements you’ve made in the past few years, which could be a selling point.

  7. Leave – This might seem obvious, but it is important to give buyers their space and time to imagine themselves living there. Have no fear that any questions and feedback they may have will be communicated by their broker to yours.


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