Beaver Run Condos – Recent Sales

Beaver Run condos are a true ski in/ski out condos for sale in Breckenridge Colorado. Located at the Base of Peak 9 of the Breckenridge Ski Resort and a few blocks from Breckenridge’s Main Street.  Beaver Run Condos are comprised of four buildings that were built between 1980 – 1985.  There are a total of 432 residences in Beaver Run:

  • 182 – Studios
  • 68 – 1 bedrooms
  • 153 – 2 bedrooms
  • 14 – 3 bedrooms
  • 13 – 4 bedrooms
  • 2 – 6 bedroom condos

As the largest condo complex in Breckenridge, Beaver Run also has amazing amenities.

If you are looking for a place to relax and soak after a long day enjoying all that Breckenridge has to offer Beaver Run is the place.  In the main building you can find an indoor/outdoor pool with 6 outdoor hot tubs along with saunas and steam rooms.  There is an additional 20+ person hot tub right next to the Beaver Run Super Chair in Building 4.  There is also a fitness room, arcade, rooftop tennis court, bars, restaurant/cafe, business center, ski lockers, shopping on site and a shuttle that will take you to and from town.  Pets are allowed but for owners only.

If you are an owner of a Beaver Run Condo, you are in luck. Beaver Run is one of eight complexes (963 individual units excluding timeshare units) in all of Breckenridge that is exempt from the Short-Term Rental cap that was put into place in September of 2021. The Short-Term Rental cap is an ordinance that caps the short term rental licenses in Breckenridge to 2,200 licenses. Currently there are 3,300 licenses in Breckenridge. The town hopes to decrease the licenses through attrition. For a property to be exempt from the ordinance, the complex must have a front desk, 24 hour security, and a phone system to the individual units. The good news is Beaver Run is exempt and you can obtain a rental license upon purchase. View all of the new Breckenridge short-term rental regulations by visiting the Town of Breckenridge website. 

In the past 365 days, there have been 43 Beaver Run Condo sales including 18 studios, 9 one-bedroom, 11 two-bedroom, 3 three-bedroom, and 2 four-bedroom sales.

Beaver Run Studio Sales (18):

Sold DateList PriceSold PricePrice/SFComplexBeds BathsSFDOM
12/22/2020$429,000$409,500$794Beaver Run01516151
12/23/2020$439,000$419,000$826Beaver Run01507160
1/5/2021$439,900$420,000$681Beaver Run01617182
1/29/2021$407,500$410,500$796Beaver Run015160
2/10/2021$427,000$420,000$828Beaver Run01507127
3/1/2021$426,900$422,500$833Beaver Run01507259
3/4/2021$459,000$449,000$886Beaver Run01507119
3/31/2021$439,000$439,000$712Beaver Run016174
6/3/2021$425,000$425,000$824Beaver Run01516237
6/22/2021$449,000$449,000$972Beaver Run014625
8/9/2021$565,000$540,000$875Beaver Run0161745
9/13/2021$489,000$485,000$953Beaver Run015091
9/15/2021$449,000$447,000$882Beaver Run015070
9/30/2021$469,000$457,500$902Beaver Run0150755
10/8/2021$595,000$595,000$964Beaver Run016171
10/20/2021$475,000$470,000$1,017Beaver Run014627
10/25/2021$449,900$445,000$874Beaver Run0150924
10/29/2021$452,000$455,000$897Beaver Run015071

In the last 365 days, the average sold price per square foot ranged from $712/sf to $1,017/sf with an average of $862/sf. The main determining factor was the amount of remodel work completed.

Beaver Run 1-Bedroom Sales (9):

Sold DateList PriceSold PricePrice/SFComplex Beds Baths SFDOM
1/29/2021$540,000$545,000$750.69Beaver Run127261
3/1/2021$529,900$529,900$729.89Beaver Run117260
3/19/2021$530,000$550,000$710.59Beaver Run117741
4/6/2021$550,000$550,000$710.59Beaver Run117740
4/14/2021$465,000$465,000$648.54Beaver Run117171
5/21/2021$550,000$530,000$693.72Beaver Run1176413
7/6/2021$559,970$555,000$717.05Beaver Run117743
10/8/2021$599,000$599,999$972.45Beaver Run1161780
12/16/2021$675,000$660,000$909.09Beaver Run1172664

The one-bedroom sales over the last year had an average sales price per square foot of $760/sf and an average days on market of just 18 days.

Beaver Run 2-Bedroom Sales (11):

Sold DateList PriceSold PricePrice/SFComplex Beds Baths SFDOM
2/5/2021$760,000$760,000$674.36Beaver Run221,1271
2/19/2021$765,000$750,000$665.48Beaver Run231,1273
3/8/2021$775,000$762,500$676.57Beaver Run221,1274
4/12/2021$750,000$745,000$641.69Beaver Run221,1612
5/28/2021$779,000$780,000$716.25Beaver Run221,0890
6/4/2021$789,000$789,000$700.09Beaver Run221,1271
7/14/2021$839,000$839,000$770.43Beaver Run221,0894
7/30/2021$939,000$930,000$826.67Beaver Run221,1250
10/12/2021$939,970$900,000$731.71Beaver Run221,23052
11/12/2021$899,000$840,000$810.03Beaver Run221,03739
11/22/2021$939,000$915,000$840.22Beaver Run221,08997

Two bedroom sales averaged $732/square foot and also had average days on market of just 18 days.

Beaver Run 3-Bedroom Sales (3):

Sold DateList PriceSold PricePrice/SFComplexBedsBaths SFDOM
9/20/2021$1,700,000$1,500,000$1,116.07Beaver Run331,3448
10/1/2021$1,150,000$1,150,000$771.81Beaver Run331,49019
12/2/2021$1,150,000$1,150,000$771.81Beaver Run331,49015

Three bedroom units in Beaver Run are hard to come by. This led to the average sold price per square foot average of $887 and days on market of just 14 days on average.

Beaver Run 4 Bedroom Sales (2):

Sold DateList PriceSold PricePrice/SFComplexBedsBaths SFDOM
1/25/2021$1,299,000$1,240,000$713.05Beaver Run441,73945
12/6/2021$1,299,000$1,220,000$701.55Beaver Run441,739227

Both of the four bedrooms in the entire complex sold in the last year. The two units sold for an average of $707 per square foot.

When looking for Breckenridge Real Estate take a look at Beaver Run condos, with all the amenities and a fabulous location you won’t be disappointed. Or if you are an owner looking to sell, contact Brett Rudolph with Christie’s International Real Estate at 970.462.1416.

Data Source:  Summit Realtors MLS

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